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      Three-way distributor


      Three-way distributor

      Product Introduction

      The working principle of the electro-hydraulic three-way distributor is to drive the rotating shaft mechanism of the three-way distributor through the electro-hydraulic push rod to control the turnover of the flap and achieve the function of material reversing.
      This product can directly connect the upper flange under the hopper at the head of the belt conveyor or at the blanking interface of other equipment. It is generally used under the conditions that the bulk density is less than or equal to 2.8t/m, and the grinding property is large, and the working environment is bad. Considering the large size and weight of its structure (thick wear-resistant lining plate), the upper flange can not bear its own weight, and it must be additionally supported according to the actual situation.

      working principle

      The electro-hydraulic three-way distributor uses the electro-hydraulic push rod as the power source. Because of its automatic overload protection function, when the operation is blocked, the pressure in the oil circuit will rise to the set limit, and the overflow valve will overflow quickly and accurately to implement overload protection. The motor will not burn out when running within the rated value. When the push rod runs to the end of the set stroke, the self-locking mechanism is designed in the electrohydraulic push rod oil circuit integrated block, the motor stops, and the piston rod self-locks at this position, in the pressure maintaining state.
      Electro-hydraulic three-way distributor can be used for material reversing/shunting process. It is allowed to change direction when there is material flow; Electro-hydraulic three-way distributor can be used for material reversing and diversion process, and has the kinetic energy of the gate; At the same time, it controls the function of cutting off or simultaneous circulation of materials.

      Product features

      The design is reasonable, the specifications and models are complete, the products are serialized, easy to select, universal, comprehensive, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
      If all gates are equipped with electro-hydraulic rotary drive or electro-hydraulic push rod as the power source, it can make the gate open and close quickly and flexibly, and also has the ability to start with load and overload protection function. It can avoid burning the motor, and the equipment runs stably and reliably. The whole machine has compact structure, light weight, low power consumption, low noise and convenient installation.
      Full-hydraulic transmission, its push and pull can be adjusted infinitely, with a wide range of driving force. It can precisely adjust the reciprocating stroke and position self-locking, and control the gate flow by adjusting the gate opening.
      Small investment. Because all types of gates are designed in a standardized way and produced in a series, which is conducive to reducing costs. Moreover, the single gate can be equipped with one or more electro-hydraulic rotary drives or electro-hydraulic push rods to realize full hydraulic transmission without special hydraulic stations and any auxiliary equipment.
      Wide range of applications. Considering that the gate may work in various environments, the supporting design of the model, specification, variety and series of the gate has been expanded as much as possible in the design, which can be widely applied to the storage and transportation of bulk materials in various industries.
      6. The hydraulic rotary driver or electro-hydraulic push rod distributed in the bulk material gate can realize stroke control and signal display; Remote centralized control and digital display; Or 4-20MA microcomputer control application range.



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