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      New efficient and K5 reciprocating feeder


      New efficient and K5 reciprocating feeder

      1、 Purpose

      1. K-type reciprocating feeder K-type retest feeder is used for feeding coal or other loose granular materials with small abradability and viscosity. The materials in the storage bin or pit shall be continuously and evenly scattered into the transportation equipment or other screening equipment. 2. New efficient reciprocating feeder
      The new high-efficiency reciprocating feeder is used for feeding coal or other loose granular materials. The feeder is a new type of feeder designed and produced for conveying large flow of materials. It can meet the requirements of large-flow production, expand the mediation range of feeding volume, and save energy significantly. The production capacity of this type of feeder is twice that of the old K-type feeder.

      2、 Operating principle and structure description

      1. The new high-efficiency reciprocating feeder is composed of frame, bottom plate (feeding trough), transmission platform, funnel, gate, idler, etc. When the motor is started, it is dragged by elastic coupling, reducer, crank connecting rod mechanism, and the inclined bottom plate makes linear reciprocating motion on the roller to evenly unload materials onto other equipment.
      2. The equipment can be selected in two forms, with and without funnel, as required.
      3. The feeder is equipped with two structural forms: with regulating gate and without regulating gate, and its feeding capacity is achieved by regulating gate and regulating connecting rod crank stroke.

      3、 Installation instructions

      The feeder (or funnel) is fixed under the silo mouth. Before installation, it needs to be leveled. Fasten the frame and the silo mouth with bolts, and then level the drive platform. The H-shaped frame is welded firmly with the frame and drive platform, and the reducer and motor are aligned. After adjustment, the bolts are fastened.

      4、 Use and maintenance

      1. After installation, it is required to conduct no-load test run for 2 hours. The temperature rise of the rolling bearing shall not be greater than 60 ℃. Before the test run, the reducer shall be filled with gear oil according to the scale. The oil number can be filled with suitable gear oil according to the local temperature and the availability of steam heating facilities in cold areas.
      2. When adjusting the feeding capacity, pull out the pin at the crank, loosen the nut, turn the crank and fix it according to the position "1, 2, 3, 4" of the crank housing, insert the pin and tighten the pin nut.
      3. When the feeder is working, enough materials shall be stored in the silo to avoid direct impact on the bottom plate when the material is loaded into the silo.
      4. The base plate of direct friction between machine parts and materials shall be replaced when more than half of it is worn.
      5. The transmission parts and reducer shall be overhauled and cleaned after 6 months of continuous operation, and the rolling bearing, box and wear parts shall be replaced.
      6. The motor and reducer shall be maintained according to the maintenance requirements.

      5、 Ordering instructions

      1. When signing the contract, please specify the model and specification, type of motor, voltage, insulation, explosion-proof grade and other requirements, and whether there is funnel and regulating gate.
      2. Accompanying technical documents: product certificate, packing list, product operation manual.



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